A father’s testimonial of the struggle to save his son stricken by catatonia for 10 years and the miraculous recovery.
A discovery revealed for the first time ever.
Written by Stephan V. Kuhar, father and veterinarian

Catatonia: A Soul Adrift for 10 years & Recovered
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The first time ever use of a preexisting chemical that worked as a light switch to rid my son of catatonia is the life-saving discovery I made in June 2018 ™

I’m sharing this remarkable agent’s identity in hope that your catatonia-stricken loved ones will soon reclaim their lost lives and voice as my son Luke has reclaimed his.

Luke went from receiving full disability benefits due to catatonia to now going back to college.

I am sharing with you Luke’s medical report issued by Columbia Medical University Board Certified Psychiatrist, documenting his catatonia before receiving this potent reversing agent that, until now, had been unknown. I also share with you the follow-up medical report by the same Board Certified Psychiatrist after Luke’s recovery.

I have every reason to believe in the great promise my discovery holds for all of us, who, like Luke, have waited in dire need for all too long.

Luke and I dedicate this testimonial to all the millions like us in the world, who battle for the hopelessly destitute people afflicted with catatonia. As music is invisible until you hear it, an existing antidote has been unknown for years until I unearthed it.

Sincerely yours, Stephan V. Kuhar, D.V.M.

The identification of this incredible Catatonia reversing-agent, discovered in June 2018 ™, is now available for purchase.